Quopi (23/11/23) IS COMING BACK?

There are now two different Ai Traders: Ai Stock trader and the Ai Crypto trader (official start per 6/11/23).

Both are  are medium legal/safe and for the short term.

Differences between both Ai traders:

  1. Minimum investment is $10 for the Ai Stock trader and $500 for the Ai Crypto trader.
  2. Fixed initial investment money is 30 business days (6 whole weeks) for the Ai Stock trader and 30 days (4 whole weeks and 2 days) for the Ai crypto trader.
  3. Trading days/time  for Ai New York Stock Exchange  trader is from Monday to Friday from 09.30 – 16.00 Eastern time. For the Ai crypto trader always (24/7).
  4. Average profit for the Ai Stock trader is 2% per business days (10% per week). Average profit for the Ai crypto trader is 3.7% for every day (7 x 3.7 = 25.9% per week).

Because it is crypto the value will fluctuate in dollars

Every day you will get your profit.

Minimum withdrawal is $2/3

A maximum of 1 personal account

A maximum of 1 business account (via hello@quopi.ai)

My referrallink is: https://quopi.ai/invite/leoneeleman

For the English recording of the presentation (32 minutes) see below and for the PowerPoint click HERE.

For the Dutch recording of the presentation (31 minutes) see below. The Dutch PowerPoint is the same as the English PowerPoint (see above).

Disclaimer                                                                                                                                                            Only use money what you can loose and invest that money in 5 á 10 projects.                             I am not a financial advisor. I only give my personal experiences.