If you want a super FOREX account than this is your chance. This FOREX account gives you since 2009 (with a name change in 2013) a bruto profit of more than 6% per week. If you want to see the website please sign up with this Questra link.

For support there is a special Facebookgroup or you can mail me with

Below you find some very IMPORTANT features to know:

1) Bruto profit per week more than 6% (last week it was 6.8%).
2) Netto profit per week is dependable of the amount of investment (between 4 and 6.5%)
3) The company is from 2009 and in 2014 they change the name in Questra
4) Questra make use of 25 traders. Each for 4% at the start. Later you can change that a little bit. A good trader more percentages and a bad trader less percentages. Totally must be ofcourse 100%.
5) Questra make use of a bank wire, PerfectMoney and OKpay.
6) The investment will be fixed for one year. Not the profit or if you choose the standard package than also the profit.
7) No automatically compounding. If you have enough money you can buy a new package.
8) The cheapest package is 90 euro (netto 4% profit per week) and the most expensive one is 21,870 euro (netto 6.5% profit per week).
9) 70% of the investment is assured. If the investment is 200K than it’s assured for 140K. If the profit will be included so the investment will go higher e.g. 300K than the amount of money that is assured is also higher 240K. More than the original amount.
10) Minimum withdrawal is 10 euro.