Merobit (11/11/23)

Short overview of Merobit which is very riscfull

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No KYC is needed.
They are registered in the UK at Companies House under number 15079901 (see annex). The CEO is Manny Stalomn.
They do not have a financial license and do not have a separate broker.

You can start from $25 in various cryptos. Profit per day is up to $2,500 over 5% per day and that every day of the week.
The money is fixed for 30 days. Withdrawals in between are possible for a 20% cancellation fee.
Profits are released every day and can be withdrawn from $5 or $10 (depending on the type of crypto), no transaction fee to pay.
If you pay with btc you can only withdraw with btc.

For an English PowerPoint click HERE.