ITP (15/11/23)

Short overview
ITP earns his money (average of 2.5% per day 24/7) by bying one crypto on an exchange and selling this crypto with profit on another exchange (they call this quantifization).

Every day you have to invest your amount of money and that cost you 6 minutes because you have to invest 5 times and every time cost around 70 seconds. So in totally 6 minutes.The minimum amount to invest is $100 and if you invest more in the first 48 hours then you will get a bonus. How higher the initial amount the higher the bonus. Also your upline will get a bonus.

For a withdrawal you don`t have to pay a transaction fee  for the first 21 days and after a withdrawal again 21 days for free. After the free period you have to pay 7% transaction fee. You can do a payout with a minimum of $35.

As a company they are registered (chamber of commerce) but don`t have a financial license and they don`t asked for a KYC and because the profits are very high I classified it as low legal/safe product and it is an investment for the short term.

Please use my strategy: asap your money back and after that the 50/50 rule.
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Everybody who makes an account will get $80 as a welcome bonus.


For the English recording of the presentation (23 minutes) see below and for the PowerPoint click HERE.

For the Dutch recording of the presentation (36 minutes) see below. The Dutch PowerPoint is the same as the English PowerPoint (see above).

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