ErgoPartners (15/9/23) stopped!!!!!

Middle term investment  (9 to 12 months) and medium legal/safe

Withdrawal from $10 (in USDT, fee is $2).

Investment from $100 – $9.999 (8 different crypto`s, profit 0.71 – 0.85%/day for 5 days). More expensive packages more profit.

With or without staking (with staking more profit).

1 personal account and one business account.

Manual compounding (every day you will get your pofit, 5 days a week).

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For the English recording of the presentation see below and for the PowerPoint click HERE


For the Dutch recording of the presentation see below. The Dutch PowerPoint is the same as the English PowerPoint (see above).



Only use money what you can loose and invest that money in 5 á 10 projects.                               I am not a financial advisor. I only give my personal experiences.