CFI (English)

There is a Dutch company that uses an unique way to Crowdfund any project you like, all projects will be accepted, even if you just want to crowdfund a new car for yourself. Maximum is 3,4M euro.
A 2 x 2 matrix is used (STARWAY model) for funding. The launch date was 16 December 2015. So if you start now you are at the top 🙂
If your project is funded than you will fall out of the system and you can start (if you like) a second project.

It works very simple; if you want to sign up your new project, you have to pay € 15,- admin fee and you have to donate € 200,- for the project of someone else and invite two other people (or more) who have to do the same but  even if you don’t invite others you will get the overflow from others.

Here is a youtube movie how the STARWAY compensation plan is working:

In the second movie the compensationplan will be explained in more detail:

What you have to do when you want to start?
2) Click the link “donate to this project” and fill in all the data and click at the end “register my account”
3) Now you get a pay menu (iDeal, PayPal and credit card) and you can do the € 215,- payment.
4) You will get an e-mail with a confirmation link. Click this link to confirm.
5) It’s now possible to log in and via “My Project” you can create your own project.
6) As soon as the project is approved and active you can start promoting your own project.
I made a special roadmap for creating your own project to get the most out of your project. You get that special roadmap when I see that you are part of my team.
Make the best decision ever and start TODAY with CFI (Crowd Funding International).
This crwodfunding is totally legal and approved by the AFM (Authority Financial Markets). The AFM is the watchdog for all the financial products in the Netherlands.